Working in ECO-artvn field including:

  • Using natural materials
  • Using recycle materials
  • Eco processes and methods
  • Eco results (eco-work or eco-effect to community and environment)
  • Combination




1. To form working method in ECO-artvn and other fields.

  • Ecological processes & methods
  • Ecological materials (natural and recycled)
  • Ecological work and result
  • Ecological effects to community

2. To form the first Eco-art effects

  • Sense
  • Inspiration
  • Potential development

3. To form individual & group experts working specialized in ECO-art in Vietnam.



Disciplines and media

  • Sculpture
  • Installation/ site specific art
  • Painting
  • Handicraft
  • Ceramic
  • Fashion design
  • Design
  • Architecture



  • Research, seminar, experiment (orientation in detail)
  • Collaboration, workshop
  • Exhibition, Talk
  • Publication


Implement  / Ecological Art 

Phase 1 (2015): Research – Workshop

  • Research: The invited or selected artists work individual or in group. The duration of research process starts from June to November 2015. Artists are self-sufficient funding during this time.
  • Experiment: The artists are invited to attend in 10 days workshop in Muong Studio residency program. During these days, the artists share ideas, collaborate to others. The artists present their working process to the others and curators’ project in art talk (rewrite) daytime: experiement, twilight: talk, seminar. It could be required to edit, change or develop their work based on an equal discussion. The expenditure is supported by foundations, community funding and Muong Studio.
  • Exhibition: The result of the first phase will be exhibited in Muong Studio, Hoa Binh or Hanoi. The presentation is organized to share the mission, process and result of the process. This exhibition is published as the first overview for everyone. (list of publishing) present in social media….