Ecology is becoming an essential factor of human life in the 21st century and for many years to come. The rapid development in all human aspects overburdens our surrounding environment. And now is the time, we have to recognize the consequences for the environment, reevaluate the situation and find the solution to how to live in an environment – friendly way, how to integrate and become a part of nature. The ecological attitude has developed intensively in the world in the recent decades. Starting from the environmentalists, scientists, energy researchers, economist and then it comes to the specific areas, that are closer to human life, as the production of food, clothes, the architecture, the transportation… and art.


Ecological art or environmental art is not something new. People, who work in this field, create art which is not only based on recycling or using natural materials, but also make deep researches and experiments to figure out the direction of the development, the methods, the processes and the useful environmental materials on a  large scale. The road ahead needs to be based on ecological attitude. In Vietnam some individual and group artists have been pursuing and working in this field, however, the result and also the social effect are not so intensive and haven’t got so much attention.


The ECO-artvn project, which is organized by the independent curator group ACCA and Muong Studio, aims to make a breakthrough in promoting the formation and the development of Vietnam ECO-art. The project’s working method aims to provide the platform for individuals or groups, who are in the Eco-art field, have good conditions for deep research while, also, it is a space for all to collaborate with each other. It would be the best way right now to find a solution for a balance of nature.